Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goddess Pele Cocktail Hat

Inspired by Hawaii's volcano goddess, Pele, this hat was created out of horsehair with a traditional Hawaiian feather lei, lei hulu. Traditionally, birds were caught with a sticky substance rubbed on trees, few feathers plucked, then let go. When enough feathers were gathered, a lei was sewn one feather at a time. This lei was shared by an antique dealer in Hilo and was probably made of chicken feathers. I refurbished it and added lehua blossoms(in like) which is the flower associated with Pele and her sister, Hiiaka. Each feather was clipped and sewn individually on to a base. The artist of the lei hulu is unknown.

$450 + Shipping/Insurance

1 comment:

チミコ said...

Did you sold this beautiful hat???
This was your favorite, isn't it?
I loved to see you that you wear this hat on you.
I miss this hat! Please you can make one more again!